Competition Rules


  1. The student must reside in Yuba, Sutter, or Colusa counties. Eligibility will now include anyone living within a twenty-five mile radius of the Yuba City town center.
  2. Students must be in grades 1st - 12th. They can be either enrolled in school or home schooled.
  3. Student can be entered with or without a master teacher as long as she/he is studying music either in public/private school, or home.
  4. The competition is open to piano, voice, and instrumental (string, brass and woodwinds).
  5. Previous first place winners are now eligible to enter in all categories.


Category Grade Number of Pieces Time
Elementary 1st-5th 1 piece up to 3 minutes
Middle School 6th-8th 1-2 pieces up to 7 minutes
High School 9th-12th 1-3 pieces up to 12 minutes


  1. Selections must be performed in the original version and complete pieces or movements from the selection of the stylistic periods, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary. Original pieces can be included under Contemporary. This year we are opening up a new category for Jazz/Improv. The piece must include actual improvisation with at least a “Lead Sheet” provided for the judges with a melody and chord symbols.
  2. Students of public/private school who are studying an Instrument or Voice are allowed to use their school music book under the approval of their music teacher.
  3. Performers of Voice and Instrumental divisions must provide their own accompanists.
  4. All piece(s) must be memorized.

Performance/Recording Schedule & Time Limit

  1. A performance/recording schedule will be sent to the music teachers after the deadline.
  2. Maximum length of performance must be adhered to.
  3. Judges may stop a student before the performance is complete if time limit is up.

Dress Code

  • Gentlemen: Dress slacks and shirts
  • Ladies: Modest or long dresses

Competition Procedures*

  1. Student must bring their music with numbered measures and this will be given to the judges before they perform. NO PHOTOCOPIES ALLOWED.
  2. Each performer’s name will be introduced by the master of ceremony in order of their performance.
  3. Each student will bow before and after his/her performance.
  4. Two or three judges will be judging together for each student in each category to select the winners.
  5. The collaborative decision of the judges is final.
  6. Students may wait to hear the results from the judges after each category.
  7. Each student will receive written evaluation forms from their teacher or by mail after the competition.

*Many of these procedures will be modified this year due to the virtual nature of the 2021 contest. For example, music must be emailed to the judges. Further instructions will be issued individually to contestants at a later date.

Winner's Concert

  • Will be virtual. Time and other details TBA.